Marginalized Young Rural Girls

The college supports marginalized rural girls to access technical higher education through Marginalized Young Rural Girls- Education Assistance Program (MYRGEAP). MYRGEAP is a college special program designed to support qualified vulnerable girls in the marginalized areas within Rungwe District and neighborhoods. The program works in collaboration with the office of the Rungwe District Commissionerwhereas thequalified applicant applies the scholarship through the office of the District Commissioner.

The current education system in Tanzania does not offers sponsorship to technical education subsystem in pursuit of certificate and diploma level qualifications which are the equivalent entry level for higher education in Tanzania. The policy has left behind majority of young girls secondary school leavers unsupported. Most of the rural Girls do not access quality education due to rural setting.

Many of the girls’ admitted in the program have poor economic background families, single mother parenthood, and include having permanent disabled parent, such as blindness and mental disabilities. Recognizing problem facing young girls in the rural areas, the college request institution and individual to support girls’ educational program at our college. Currently the college is looking tuition and accommodation fees for twenty (20) girls in the 2016-2017 academic year. Tuition and accommodation fees is found under Fee Structure

Rural youth girls enrolled at the college under the education support fund

Promote and contribute to the rural youth girls’ education fund to enable

change their life through access to higher education